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A Busy Night Review

It’s a perfect storm.

Countless crimes all over the city, all over one turbulent evening.

The uniforms couldn’t keep up if they tried, so it’s all down to you and yours.

You stock up on what you can; what’s left in your backpack, sanctuary or utility belt, and hit the street.

It’s going to be a long night.

– Description from game author

The Basics

This is a GM-less role-playing game based on the Batman Arkham series of video games.

You’re non-Super Heroes, reliant on your Gear which fails you as the night goes on.

You fight villains through streamlined d4 resolution mechanics,

This game is eight turns long. It lasts from nine PM until five AM for a group of up to four vigilantes.

Each turn, a new Crime will be committed and the vigilantes must rise to deal with it.

The vigilantes must balance their Gear, which succumbs to wear and tear, and Harm enacted on the City and themselves.

– Description from game author

Setting Up

Built on the Caltrop Core engine, A Busy Night relies on D4 dice to run the game over 8 rounds (8 hours).

The game is delightfully simple to set up and run, and loads of fun to play. Even young kids will understand the rules.

Before you start, you’ll want to print out a map of some sort. It could be hand-drawn, or a printed version of a satellite map from Google Earth. The map will be the setting for the game, and you are going to write on it with a marker pen as the game progresses.

To get further into character, the rules provide tables to refine your new city. You will set the time period, aesthetic, density, and reputation.

Once the city has been created, its time to create one (or more) vigilantes or heroes, and to give them gear.

The rules provide some ideas, but this is where you can go a bit crazy. When it comes to gear, give each item a value of 1 to 3 (based on their strength). The rules suggest starting with 3 gear per vigilante.

How to Play

Over the next 8 turns (or hours), you will fight villains committing crimes throughout the city. Some crimes will last the entire 8 turns, while others will be one-shot wonders.

You can either create your own ideas, or use the tables in the rules to generate targets, goals, methods, and motives.

As you fight the crimes, your gear will get damaged. All of this is based on the roll of D4 dice. (You will need a minimum of 3 for the game)

Between crimes, you can repair your gear. (you will need to)

What I like

Super heroes – who could ask for more than this!

The rules are really easy to follow. Setup is quick, its easy for kids to play, and the game is a finite length.

You can get into character as much as you like, and the narrative options are wide open.

It is really up to your imagination. But if you are challenged in that area, the game includes enough tables to generate plenty of crimes and adventures.

Printing an existing Google map at the setting is a great idea. It makes the game personalized to the point where it could be happening in your own back yard.


How to Get It

The game was created by FiloHazard @FiloHazard