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so1um Enhanced Review

This is an enhanced version of so1um 0.6 by Matt Jackson, a solo-rpg system geared to fast play with lightweight and elegant rules, which combines D6 and clichés.

While Matt Jackson’s version 0.6 is perfectly playable as is, I added a bunch of random generation tables, the new oracle system Recluse by Graven Utterance, and players aids with a 108 clichés list and about 60 monsters and encounters.

This is not a new game but simply an augmented experience.

– Description by game author

The Basics

As the name suggested, this is an enhanced version of the rules-light (non-crunchy) so1um system.

It relies on D6 dice and clichés. Roberto has reworked the oracle and added several tables to aid people that are “imaginatively challenged” (like me).

Setting Up

Creating a character is a little bit unusual. Instead of taking actual dice values, you count the number of even dice rolled (with a minimum of 1)

The hero or character stats are created by rolling 3d6 for each of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Hit points are calculated by rolling 2d6 and adding the number of even rolls to the body score.

Finally, the hero starts with one cliché and can roll 2d6 to determine if they get up to 2 extra clichés.

After the stats are calculated, there are 12 simple tables to flesh out the hero’s background and appearance.

Setting the Scene

Before starting to play, six more D6 tables help you determine the goal and the first scene of the game.

How to Play

The game is played by asking Yes/No questions. The oracle relies on two different colored D6 dice.

The results can be a simple yes or no, with variations including And, But, and Twist.

When you get a twist, two tables are provided to determine the type of twist.

Sometimes you need to ask questions that can’t be answered with a Yes or No. In the case of open questions (or simply needing inspiration), 18 tables are provided to generate verbs, nouns, and adjectives.


Combat is simple to handle. There are no drawn-out battles in so1um.

Each side rolls the number of dice that are equal to the applicable stat. If a cliché can be used, an extra dice can be thrown in the mix.

The high dice wins and reduces the HP of the loser by one point. If the rolled values are the same, it is a draw and no damage is done.


One of the strengths of so1um is the list of creatures you can meet along the way. Each creature is given a value for Body, Mind, Spirit, and HP. Many of them also have special abilities you can take onboard during combat or interactions.


For uninspired players, a list of 108 clichés are included in the rules. If the result doesn’t inspire you, there is nothing wrong with rolling again.

My Thoughts

This is a great set of lite rules with everything included.

With nothing more than a handful of D6 dice, you can run fun adventures with combat, beasts, loot, and quests (called goals).

The inclusion of clichés inspire lots of ideas for both the hero’s and NPC’s. Combat is really simple and avoids getting bogged down in detail.

While one page RPG’s are good, the extra tables certainly help with creativity.

The inclusion of Verb, Noun and Adjective tables remind me a lot of IronSworn.


How to Get It

Designed by Roberto Bisceglie (Based on so1um 0.6 by Matt Jackson)


Note: I don't post actual prompts in my reviews. This is to protect the IP of the designer. You will need to buy the game to read the actual prompts.